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Holi celebrations in Kolkata greetings from Howard Johnson Kolkata. Make a reservation for a Holi offer on 27th and 29th March

Holi, the festival of colors has many legends attached to it apart from the gaiety and fun. How did it come into being? Why is it celebrated? What is the significance of each of its colors? Many stories skirt this celebration.

One of the legends suggests that there once lived a King named HIranyakashipu who wished to be revered by all in his Kingdom. But his own son Prahlada thought otherwise and had a deep devotion towards Lord Vishnu. To counter this he sought his sister Holika’s assistance who possessed the power of being unaffected by the fire. Hence she made Prahlada sit with her in the face of fire. Her evil intentions got the better of her and she lost this power. As a result of it, the power got transferred to Prahlada and he continued to live on despite the fire. And thus the Holi celebrations begin with Holika Dahan marking the triumph of good over bad. Culturally speaking this is why Holi is celebrated.

Besides this, even the eternal love story of Radha and Krishna is connected with Holi. How you must be wondering? When Lord Krishna was as little as a baby he consumed the breast milk of a demon named Putana which led him to bring upon himself a blue color. As he grew up he was worried about whether or not Radha would accept him, hence on his mother’s advice he smeared color on his face and thus began Holi celebrations. This is the mythological significance of celebrating Holi. Most importantly, psychologically speaking Holi is a much-needed respite offering people happiness and excitement in transition from summer to winter. 


Significance of Holi Colors celebrate holi at Nest in Howard Johnson Kolkata from 27th to 29th of March


Decorated in a plate is an assortment of colors, each color has a significance of its own. To start with, ]Red the color that every bride dons stands for everlasting love in the form of marriage and fertility.


The dearly loved yellow color is symbolic of the turmeric that is used in India to remedy any ailment whatsoever. Besides that, this color also represents Lord Vishnu who often wore this color. This bright hue is also said to invoke in people knowledge, peace, and learning.


Green the color that adds beauty to this Earth stands for nature. It also has a spiritual significance that is associated with Lord Rama, who spent the majority of his life in the confines of a forest. It is indicative of new beginnings and harvest.


The orange color that lights up the sun is said to vanquish hatred and encourage forgiveness in people. Blue color smeared on one another is said to prevail peace in between one another. Pink often chosen for its attractiveness, makes one rejoice and forget their troubles.

This Holi decide which color would you want to use on whom? Who knows the vibrancy of the color might just radiate in one’s life. Let this Holi be a joyous one with a celebration like no other at Howard Johnson Kolkata.

Here’s what the celebrations look like at Howard Johnson Kolkata

Owing to Covid- 19 Holi cannot be celebrated the way its normally is. But at least one can be ‘hol(i)some’ with a grand Holi celebration at Nest in Howard Johnson Kolkata,

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Wishing you and your family members a Happy Holi 🌈🥳🎊


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