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While ordering, please inform our associate in case you are allergic to any of the following ingredients :

– Cereals containing gluten – i.e., wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt or their hybridized strains &

Products of these :
– Crustacean and their products
– Milk & milk products
– Egg and egg products
– Fish and fish products
– Peanuts, tree nuts and their products
– Soybeans and their products

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Appetizers (Veg)
Appetizers (Non-Veg)
Main Course (Veg)
Main Course (Non-Veg)
Bengali Traditional Favourites
Rice / Biryani / Noodles
Indian Breads
Quick & Fast Menu
Menu Combos


 [Timings : 0730 hrs to 1030 hrs]

American Breakfast
(Delicious Fresh or Canned Juice, bowl of Cut Fruits, Choice of Cereals with milk, Eggs to order, White and brown bread and Tea or Coffee)

Indian Breakfast

North Indian Breakfast

(Fresh or Canned Juice, Cut Fruits, Poori Bhaji or day special item, Tea or Coffee)

South Indian Breakfast

(Fresh or Canned Juice, Cut Fruits, Idli, Samber, Uttapam or Vada, Coconut chutney, Tea or Coffee)

Oat Meal with Honey



Corn Flakes/Wheat Flakes/Choco Flakes/Muesli with Cold or Hot Milk

French Toast

With Maple Syrup

Egg Preparation of Your Choice

Sunny Side Up/Scrambled/Poached/ Boiled/Omelette with filling

served with Chicken sausages/Becon and White or Brown toast

Daily Special North Indian Breakfast as per Availability

Puri Bhaji or Day Special Breakfast

Paratha (Aloo/Paneer/Onion)

Served with Yoghurt and Pickle


Served With Samber and Coconut Chutney

Choice of Dosas (Plain/Onion/Masala)

Served With Coconut Chutney

Uttapam (Plain/Onion/Masala)

Served With Coconut Chutney

Lunch & Dinner

Timings : 12:30 hrs to 15:30 hrs and 19:30 hrs to 23:00 hrs

Appetizer (Veg)

Corn Cheese Triangle                                                                                                                                                                        ₹239  

Achari Paneer Tikka

(Cottage Cheese marinated with flavour of Achar)            


Cheese Paneer Tikka

Cottage Cheese Marinated with cheese & spices cooked in Tandoor

Crispy Chilli Babycorn

Crispy Baby corn tossed with chilli sauce

Corn Salt n Pepper

Crispy golden fried american corn tossed with bell pepper and salt & pepper

 Appetizer (Non-Veg)

Fish Finger (Basa)

Breaded figure style fish served with mustard mayo                                                                                                                      

Chilli Fish Dry

Wok tossed Basa fish pieces with chilli and soya sauce

Fish Salt & Pepper

Fish pieces tossed with capsicum with salt and pepper

Golden Fried Prawn

Crispy Prawn batter fry from wok

Gondhoraj Mahi Tikka

Gondhoraj lemon flavour fish cooked in tandoor

Achari Murgh Kebab

Pickle marinated boneless chicken pieces cooked in clay oven


Murgh Kali Mirch Kebab

Charcoal grill chicken, flavour with black pepper


Tandoori Chicken (Half / Full)

HOJO special tandoori chicken as your liking half or full portion


Drums of Heaven (regular and tossed)

Crispy fried chicken wings


Chilli Chicken Dry

(Wok tossed bone less chicken pieces with chilli and soya sauce)

Hot Garlic Chicken

(Wok tossed bone less chicken pieces with hot garlic sauce)

Chicken Salt and Pepper

Crispy chicken pieces tossed with salt and black pepper


Mutton Pepper Fry

Succulent mutton pieces tempering with curry leaves & Indian masala



Green Salad                                                                                                                                                                                   

All time Traditional favourite, slice tomato, cucumber, onion, carrot salad

Oriental Salad

Cube of cucumber, tomato, olives and lettuce with lime dressing

Chicken Hawaiian Salad

Sliced cooled chicken in cream and cheese with pineapple.

Classic Caesar Salad (Veg/Chicken)

Iceberg/Romaine lettuce combination with parmesan creamy dressing


Soups (Veg & Non-Veg)

Hot & Sour Soup (Veg/Chicken)

Vegetable soup with soya, chilli, vinegar                                                                                                                                           

Sweet Corn Soup (Veg/Chicken)

Creamy sweet corn Chinese thick soup

Manchow Soup (Veg/Chicken)

Finely diced oriental vegetable & soya soup with fried noodles

Lemon Coriander (Veg/Chicken)

Vegetable soup with lime and coriander
Clear Soup (Veg/Chicken) ₹179/189

Tom Yum Soup (Prawn)

Little spicy famous Thai soup


Main Course (International) Veg

Vegetable Au-Gratin

Mixed garden-fresh vegetable cooked in white sauce and baked with cheese                                                                            

Mushroom Italiano

Sautéed mushroom with tomato sauce and cheese.

Broccoli Cauliflower Morney

Blanched broccoli and cauliflower cooked with cream cheese sauce and gratinated


Main Course (International) Non-Veg

Pan Seared Basa

Fish fillet marinated with lemon & herb served with vegetable and spicy tomato sauce                                                        

Fried Pomfret

Fresh Pomfret fry served with French Fries

Fish N Chips (Basa)

Fried fish with flour batter served with French fries and tartar sauce

Chicken Stroganoff

Julianne chicken cooked with mushroom, gharkin, cream served with buttered rice

Pan Roasted Chicken Supreme

The classic dish cooked with thyme sauce served with seasonal vegetable and French fries

Chicken A-La-King

Chicken chest cube cooked with creamy sauce with bell pepper served with butter rice

Cajun Grilled Jambo Prawn

King prawn grilled served with sautéed exotic vegetable and lemon garlic sauce



                                                 Main Course Indian (Veg)

Delhi wali Dal

Black lentil cooked with butter, cream, tomato puree and Indian spices                                                                                   

Choice of Dal

Dal yellow/Dal Tadka/Dal panchmel/lasooni dal palak)

Pan Paneer Matar Masala

Green peas and cubes of paneer cooked with masalas

Kadai Paneer

Paneer cooked in authentic Punjabi style with kadai masala

Paneer Tikka Lababdar

Paneer cooked in lababdar gravy

Palak Paneer

Paneer chunk cooked in spinach, methi gravy finish with butter and cream

Paneer Butter Masala

Freshly cut paneer cooked with butter masala gravy

Kashmiri Korma

Vegetables cooked in rich white gravy

Methi Matar Malai

Green peas cooked with creamy gravy with Kasturi Methi

Dhingri Matar Masala

Mushroom & peas cooked creamy curry sauce

Kadai Veg

(Indian mix vegetable cooked with kadai masala with capsicum)


Subzi Kolhapuri

Spicy chatpata vegetable cooked in kolhapuri style

Mixed Vegetable Curry

Assorted Indian vegetable cooked in chef special way

Aloo Gobi Matar

Preparation of potato, cauliflower, peas with typical onion tomato gravy

Bhindi Do Pyaza

(Ladies finger cooked with onion and Indian spices)

Aloo Jeera

Potato tempered with cumin seed, chilli and coriander leaf

Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Kashmiri style cooked aloo in reach tomato gravy



                                             Main Course Indian (NonVeg)

Fish (Curry /Masala/Do Pyaza) Basa

Basa fish cooked in curry or masala gravy                                                                                                                                       

Shrimp Masala

Prawns cooked in tomato masala gravy


Pomfret (Curry/Masala) (as per availability)

Pomfret cooked in masala or curry gravy

Butter Chicken (bone in or bone less)

Tender pieces of chicken cooked in tomato butter masala gravy


Kadai Murgh

Chicken cooked with Kadai masala gravy


Murgh TIKKA Lababder

Chicken tikka cooked with tomato gravy


Koshe Kosha Mangsho

Tender pieces of mutton cooked in homemade style

Mutton Roganjosh

The famous Kashmiri preparation of mutton

                                                Bangal Traditional Collection

Misti Pulao

Pulao made with cashewnut, raisin, mawa                                                                                                                                       


Aloo Posto

Potato cooked with poppy seeds and kalonji

Rui Macher Jhol Aloo Diya

Rui Fish cooked with potato in home style

Rui Kalia

Fish cooked in bengali curry hinted masala


Pabda (Curry/Shorshe) (as per availability)

Pabda cooked in home style curry or with mustard paste

Bagda Chingri Malai Curry (Jumbo Prawn)

Jumbo prawn prepared with coconut milk gravy

Murgir Jhol Aloo Diya

Chicken cooked with ginger, chilli and coriander leaves help of mustard oil and potato


Rajbarir Kasha Mangsho

King’s family style famous mutton preparation

Home Style Mangshor Jhol

(Typical bengali style mutton curry with potato)




Kolkata Biryani-Murgh/Mutton

(Speciality from Kolkata Biryani served with egg and potato)                                                                                                    
₹579 /639      

Prawn Biryani


Egg and Potato Biryani


Potato Biryani


Subzi Biryani


Basmati Rice





Indian Breads

Tandoori Roti – Plain / Butter                                                                                                                                               ₹75            
Tandoori Naan (plain/butter) ₹85
Tandoori Naan (cheese/garlic/cheese garlic) ₹85
Choice of Paratha (Laccha/Pudina/Methi/Onion Mirchi/Aloo/Paneer) ₹85
Choice of Kulcha (Mixed/Paneer/Onion/Cheese chilli)            ₹95


Mixed, Onion, Cucumber, Boondi, Pineapple
Plain Curd ₹99

Main Course Chinese (Veg)

Chinese Dumpling Manchurian                                                                                                                                             ₹379         
Paneer with (Chilli/Manchurian/Hot Garlic/Szechwan) Sauce ₹389
Honey Chilli Potato ₹389
Veg Thai Curry(green) with Rice ₹399

Main Course Chinese (Non-Veg)

Fish with Mushroom                                                                                                                                                                 ₹499          
Fish With (Chilli/Manchurian/Hot Garlic/Szechwan) Sauce ₹499
Prawn with (Sesame, kung pao, chilli garlic) Sauce ₹549
Chicken With (Chilli/Manchurian/Hot Garlic/Szechwan/kung pao) Sauce ₹489
Honey Chilli Chicken with Pineapple ₹489
Thai Curry (Yellow) With Rice (Chicken/Prawn) ₹499/549

Fried Rice & Noodles 

Vegetable                                                                                                                                                                                     ₹289         
Egg ₹299
Chicken ₹329
Prawn ₹339
Mixed (Egg, Chicken, Prawn) ₹349

Hojo Signature 

Dubba Gosht

Boneless mutton cube cooked with special masala served with fried egg                                                                                                                                                                

HOJO Special Chicken Tikka Biryani

Biryani prepare with chicken tikka served with raita

Pantry Connection

Masala Papad (3 pcs)                                                                                                                                                             ₹95              
Plain Papad (3 Pcs) ₹95
Fried Papad (3 Pcs) ₹95
Peanut Masala ₹185
Mix Fruit Chaat ₹189
Paneer Pakoda                                                                                          ₹279   
Mixed Vegetable Pakoda                                                                                      ₹279   


Quick & Fast Meal  From 11:00 hrs to till 4:00 hrs

Burger With Cheddar (Veg/Chicken)

(Yummy burger with melted cheese served with french fries and glass of aerated beverage)                                   

Sandwich (Plain/Grilled/Toasted)

cheese/veg/chicken served with french fries and glass of aerated beverage


HOJO Club Sandwich (Veg/Non-Veg)

Two-layer toasted sandwich served with French fries and glass of aerated beverage


Kolkata Bread Omelette

Bread slice covered with masala egg omelette served with chilli mayo

All Day Omelette

Omelette-masala, cheese, masala with cheese, tomato with cheese, plain served with french fries


Pasta : Penne / Spaghetti / Fusilli (Veg, Chicken & Shrimp)

Sauce: -Arabiata / Alfredo / Creamy Cheese / Mama Rossa

Spicy Cheese Toast


French Fries



Choice of Ice Cream

All Day Choice of your Vanilla/Strawberry/Chocolate/Pistachio/Two in one                                                               

Fresh Fruit 

Cubes of seasonal fresh fruits

Fresh Fruit Platter

Decorative fruits platter

Warm Walnut Brownie

A rich chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream
Hot Gulab Jamun (3 Pcs) ₹139
Rasogolla (3Pcs) ₹139
Misti Doi ₹139
Day Special Sweet ₹139


Fresh Fruit Juice of Your Choice

Orange/Sweet Lime/Water Melon/Pineapple                                                                                                                          

Preserved Juice of Your Choice


Milk Shake of Your Choice


Cold Coffee with Ice Cream

Served With Scoop of Vanilla Ice cream
Hot Chocolate ₹149

Twist of Yogurt

Sweet Lassi/Salted Lassi/Masala Butter Milk

Choice of Tea (Ginger/Masala/Lemon)

Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea

Choice of Coffee

Espresso, Cappuccino, Café Latte

Fresh Lime Soda – Plain/Salted/Sweet


Fresh Lime Water


Mineral Water


Aerated Drinks-Pepsi/7up                                                               


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