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Since everyone is opting for home-cooked meals, hasn’t deciding the breakfast menu become a task? Juggling between everyone’s preferences is quite challenging. You can simplify your life by adding a packet of oats in your kitchen cabinet and surprise your family members with an Oats Chila. Oats are rich in dietary fiber, and oat-based foods are readily consumed by people who are on a weight loss spree.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that oats are one among the most health-giving grains. Even though it’s packed with nutrients, it wasn’t always preferred amongst wheat and barley. Oat farming began as early as the Bronze Age. There are 3 ways of using oats, grinding it for oat flour or oats bread, as a thickening agent in barley or it’s simply used to make oatmeal.

It is one ingredient that can be used to cook a variety of dishes. And here’s one way of adding a twist to the regular Chila with oats. Coming straight from HoJo’s kitchen here’s an easy way to prepare the Oats Chila.

Prepare Oats Chila, the Easy Way

Oats1 cup
Gram flour or chickpea flour1/4 cup
Cumin seeds1 teaspoon
Turmeric Powder1/4 teaspoon
Carrot1/2 grated
Onion1 chopped
Green chilies1-2 chopped
Coriander leaves2 tablespoon

Method of Preparation

  • Blend oats in the mixer and pour it into a mixing bowl.
  • Add all the ingredients to this mix.
  • Lacquer the girdle/tawa with oil or butter.
  • In a circular shape, spread a thin portion of the barter.
  • Sprinkle oil on it.
  • Once it’s cooked, flip it over and allow it to cook.
  • Serve hot.

Try making Oats Chila, it might just become a favorite that you frequently prepare for your family members. Make your breakfast extra special with this delicacy.

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